Personal Essay: Growing Up In A Small Town

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A little town in the middle of nowhere is often seen as just a small backward little place. It does depend, however, on what such a place offers to those living there. For those who grow up in such a small place the treasures are endless. This is the place where you learn most of life’s lessons, if not all of them. Having grown up in a town that was really a compact city, made the greatest impression on my life. It is exactly this compact city that allowed me to know a lot about city life. I have also since discovered that city folk know very little about the world outside of their community, the greater city and the outside world. What I appreciate about growing up in a small town is that we were not cut off from the rest of the world. On the contrary, our little town gave us access to the world. One of the focal points of out little town was that it had its own …show more content…

We knew that these movies were current because of the magazines that we read. These movies also introduced us to the latest in fashion, cars, and trends from various parts of the world. My cousins in the cities were deprived this because they lived quite a distance from their movie houses, and could therefore only watch movies once in a while. We were privileged in that we could go whenever we had enough money. Our exposure tot the world also came through the people who lived in out town. Many of them came directly from their parts of the world, bringing with them their culture, their fashion, and also their languages. We were privileged to be in the middle of a hub of new experiences for all the time that we lived in our little town. These experiences had a profound effect on how differently we saw our world to that of the children in the rest of our country. It gave us access to the greater part of the world, and gave us insight into many different cultures, languages, and forward thinking technology and

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