The Sandlot Analysis

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When we see a puppy we cherish those bitter moments where they are learning how to walk or experimenting with their barks. This is the same to when we are children. We tend to try new things and believe in old legacies. In the movie The Sandlot directed and written by David M. Evans (1993) and Sandlot 2 (2005) who was as well directed and written by David M. Evan. Both 1993 classic and the sequel presented themes such as friendships, gender, taking risks and acceptance. It’s easy to pin point the difference but in reality they share common themes which includes life lessons. Despite the difference in the years and the actors both the classic and sequel has common themes that can be applied to situations now in day. When we compare and contrast …show more content…

In alternative to the themes friendship and gender there was as well the presences of taking risks. The 1993 classic, had Benny the Jet and his friends playing in the sandlot. When they discover that a considerable portion of the group's balls have wound up in Mr. Mertle's junkyard over the sandlot's back wall, which is ensured by a goliath puppy known as "The Beast," who had supposedly eaten a child sufficiently stupid to enter it. They came up with the idea to go retrieve all the balls that was hit into Mertle’s junkyard. So one day, Benny who hit the group's last ball, left the group stranded to find a replacement. Remarkably Scotty swaps the ball with one from his stepfather's prized accumulation. When this likewise ends up over the wall and into Mr. Mertle’s junkyard, Smalls uncovers that the ball is extraordinary. To the group's frightfulness, they take in that the ball Smalls brought had Babe Ruth's signature, making it significant. The group builds a dynamically complex arrangement of machines to recoup it remotely, yet every endeavor closes in disappointment. Taking the risk that Mr. Mertle’s dog would “eat anyone who steps foot in the junkyard” Benny the Jet could’ve careless about the dog (The Beast). Perfect example of taking risks. Benny heroic rescue is similar to the one that appears in The Sandlot (2005). Johnnie who is infatuated with rockets, met Hayley’s (one of the girls who was playing on the Sandlot, when Johnnie and his friends encounter them) father who is a NASA engineer. Johnnie accidentally launches a rocket model and it happens to land in Mr. Mertle’s junk yard. In that matter just like Benny the Jet, David decides to go into the junkyard where “The Beast” is

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