Odysseus: An Epic Hero

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An Epic Hero

Odysseus is an epic hero. Do you think Odysseus is an epic hero. According to Homer's epic poemOdysseus was a King of Ithaca. Homer described Odysseus as a man of wisdom, shrewdness, eloquence, resourcefulness, courage, and endurance. Odysseusis the son of Laertes. Odysseus is strong, brave, and Odysseus skills in fighting showed repeatedly and his willingness is mostly shown threw the fight between the Trojan's.

Here is my first reason, Odysseus is a man of outstanding of wisdom and shrewdness. He shows great leadership and brave. Odysseus, is strong because according to the Editors of Encyclopedia Bretannica it said that he had lead his army to the fight against the Trojan's and won the fight. He had blinded a …show more content…

They had quickly left the island and reach the witch Circe. She had turned his team into pigs, but him she had gotten her powers by getting a magical herb by Hermes. She had fallen in love with him and returned his men back to human. After one year on the island they left to continue the voyage. The reached the western part of the world and Odysseus had gotten advice from the spirit of prophet and later meet the mother spirit. She told them to go back home because his wife was being surrounded by suitors. They returned back to the Island who told them how to continue they managed to escape the Sirens as well as the creatures Scylla and Charybdis. In the island Thrinacia. Odysseus ignored the advice from Teiresias and Circe and caught the cattle of the sun of god Helios. Helios arranged that Zeus would punish them he would make the sun shine in the underworld. Zeus obligated causing a shipwreck which Odysseus survived. He reached the Island Ogygia, where the witch Calypso kept him in prison for seven years, before Hermes released Odysseus. Odysseus reached the island Phaeacians who helped him reached the destination. Odysseus reached Ithaca late at night, and he was disguised by Athena trying to learn about his absence. Penelope his wife announced that she will be marrying another person who will be able to shoot a bow and arrow though twelve axe shafts. She knew that it would be

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