Odysseus Life Long Summary

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Odysseus and his men came to the island of Aiolos Hippotades.Odysseus and his men spent one month there eating with the king and his family.Odysseus decided he had to leave so he asked the king for help.The king killed an ox and then turned it into a bag.In the bag there was enough wind to bring Odysseus and his men back to Ithaca.

Odysseus and his men set off to sail home so that they could get home as soon as possible.After ten days sailing they could finally see Ithaca.Odysseus had finally gone to sleep because he had not slept since they left Hippotades.Odysseus men were curious to what was in the bag Odysseus had recieved.The men decided to take a look inside the bag.The men had opened the bag and the wind pushed them back to Hippotades …show more content…

The Eurylochus group found a house which belonged to Circe.There was wolves and lions that approached them but they did not harm the men.The wolves and lions were actually men as well.Who were lured into Circes home.The men had heard Circe singing everyone was in a trance except for Eurylochus.He decided to go meet Circe.Circe welcomed them.Eurylochus sensed it was a trap Circe druuged the men then turned them into …show more content…

Odysseus went to his ship his men were happy to see him again.When Odysseus said that they were going to stay at Circe 's house they didnt want to go at first but eventually agrredde to go.When they got to Circes 's house she gave them a bath and food.Odysseus and his men stayed there for a year.One of Odysseus men had told him that they still need to go home to Ithaca.Odysseus asked Circe to help him and his men get home she agreed to helping him she said that he and his men must go to Hades house first.Odysseus fell to the floor crying but when he stopped Circe told him how to get there.He told his men the next morning about the plan to go to Hades house.They gathered their things,and headed toward their ship to sail

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