Was Odysseus Able To Be Successful Essay

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The reason Odysseus was able to be succesful in the end of his ten year long journey returning home to Ithaca was because he had strategy beyond years of learning. I believe that his strategy came naturally to him because any normal person I know could not have thought so quickly on their feet and gotten out of an abundance of situations. For example, in the cave with Cyclops and all of his men he had to act fast because they were trapped and being eaten alive by the hour. It takes a cunning strategic mind to be able to sit down and look a traumatic situation right in the face and adress it. He not only saved himself in the cave from the giant but he saved his men as well by having strategies mapped out in his head. But, the real strategy …show more content…

If he would've rushed in high and mighty like it was probably very tempting to do he would've been attacked by the suitors and have no home to live in anymore. But instead he stopped and thought of a plan with the abundance of strategies that appeared naturally to him. He knew he didn't stand a chance if he appeared victoriously to the suitors for it would be a grave threat to them. So Athena disguised him as an old beggar so he would not appear as a threat but that he could use strategy to win and destroy the suitors. Penelope says she will only marry the man who can string Odysseus' bow and shoot it through the handle of twelve axes and of course it was the beggar who could only do that. So that is when Odysseus shows himself when he knows he is victorious and that all the beggars will be killed. He says, "You dogs, you never thought I would any more come back from the land of Troy, and because of that you despoiled my household, and forcibly took my serving women to sleep beside you, and sought to win my wife while I was still alive, fearing neither the immortal gods who hold the wide heaven, nor any resentment sprung from men to be yours in the future. Now upon you all the terms of destruction are fastened." He was only triumphant in this because of the strategy he

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