Of Mice And Men Chapter Summaries

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Of Mice and Men Summary Lennie and George are the great friends on a journey to find work. They are unable to hold down jobs, because of Lennie’s disability for holding pretty objects, like puppies, mice, rabbits, and women. They soon find good fortune when they get work at a ranch near California. George fears how the boss will react to Lennie, so he insists that he’ll do the talking. George lies, saying that they are cousins and Lennie got kicked in the head by a horse during his childhood. Lennie and George are hired. They met Curley, the boss’s mean son, and Candy, an old man with a missing hand. Curley is just married and is full of jealousy. George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley’s wife to not cause trouble with Curley. Soon many more of the workers return from the field to have lunch. Lennie and George then met Slim, the skilled mule driver that has a lot of responsibility on the farm. Slim’s dog had recently had puppies and agrees to give Lennie one. Candy hears George and Lennie talking about wanting to own land and offers to pitch in money to live…show more content…
He begins to bury it so George doesn’t find out and Curley’s wife walks in. Lennie tells her that he loves to pet soft things, she tells him to feel her hair. He grabs on her hair to tightly and she yelps for help. Trying to silence her, he accidentally breaks her neck. Lennie runs back to the pool of the Salinas River that George had set for a meeting spot just in case they where in trouble. The men back at the ranch discover the tragedy that happened and rallied up to find Lennie and kill him. George joins Lennie and tells the story of the land they will have together. When George hears the sound of the men coming he grabs the gun from his pocket and shots Lennie in the back of the head. George tells the men that he wrestled Lennie and grabbed the gun from him and shot him, but only Slim knew the truth. George had no choice, but to kill
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