Of Mice And Men George's Decision Analysis

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George’s Decision In John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, two men, Lennie and George, travel through California 's Central Valley looking for work. Lennie and George have a special bond because George takes care of Lennie, who has a mental disability. When Lennie accidentally kills a woman and is being chased by men who want to kill him, George is faced with the difficult decision of whether to kill Lennie himself or let those men kill him. In the end George chose to kill Lennie. George did the right thing by killing Lennie because it was the best thing for Lennie and for everyone else. George was trying to shield Lennie from excruciating pain and therefore gave him most painless death possible. If Curley had killed him it would’ve been …show more content…

Finally, Lennie getting killed in a relatively painless way was the best of all of the options that could’ve happened to him. Slim states “An’s’pose they lock him up an’ strap him down and put him in a cage. That’s no good, George” (pg. 97). Slim is that saying if for some reason Curley didn’t kill Lennie right on the spot, and Lennie went to jail, it would’ve been horrible and Lennie would’ve been treated really badly. Similarly, if Lennie got thrown into a mental hospital it would’ve been torturous because the hospital workers would treat Lennie as if he was insane. Lennie also could’ve run away and lived in a cave, where he would die a slow death of starvation. George didn’t want Lennie to suffer, and killing him in the least painful way was the best option. It’s usually not morally right to kill another human being, but sometimes it can be the only or best option. Killing someone can be the only or best option if killing them would give them the least amount of pain when they died. In Of Mice and Men killing Lennie was George’s the best choice for himself, Lennie, and every other person, because Lennie could have hurt other people. Therefore, it was best for George to kill Lennie because it saved Lennie from pain and saved other people from getting injured by Lennie in the

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