Oj Simpson Case

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OJ Simpson was married to Nicole Simpson. After years of a troubled marriage Nicole was allegedly having an affair with Ronald Goldman, both died on June 12, 1994 from multiple stab wounds. OJ was arrested, where he stood trial for the deaths of Nicole and Ronald on November 9th 1994. It took 11 months for the jury to reach a verdict. On october the 3rd 1995 the jury acquitted OJ of both murders. Due to the lack of DNA evidence provided by the prosecution OJ’s attorney, Johnny Cochran was able to convince the jury that OJ was innocent. OJ and his wife Nicole sometimes had fights and arguments. Nicole called the cops to file a report that OJ abused his her. OJ had gotten so Jealous that he decided to kill his ex wife and Ronald Goldman. OJ was wounded during this assault, the cops found a mixture of Nicole and Ronalds blood in a white bronco Ford which OJ was driving. The public assumed that he committed murder even though evidence did not completely prove he was the murderer. With the evidence that the cops have found, OJ actually committed the murder. Not only his blood and shoe prints were found at the crime scene but even witnesses heard all the commotion. OJ’s fingerprints was found on many things and found a black african hair DNA inside of a …show more content…

OJ denied owning a pair but from a photo at a football game showed OJ wearing the exact shoes. They also found a bloody glove at the crime scene at OJ’s house it matched the one that they found at the crime scene.OJ’s knuckle had a cut on his left middle finger and investigators said that was the same side of the shoeprints. When he was first question he said he didn’t know when he cut his finger. He changed his story saying that when he was in chicago he cut his finger but it must have reopened when he got to Los Angeles.

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