Oliver Cromwell: A True Hero

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Things are always interpreted in different ways; it all depends on which side you are on. For example, to most Canadians, the United States is a country that reaches out and tries to prevent wars and terrorism. Others say they are nosy, can’t keep to their own business and start wars. Perspective changes everything, and Oliver Cromwell is no exception. Ever since he became Lord Protector of England there have been many interpretations of him. Some say he was an honourable hero while other say he is a vicious villain. Many Puritans and supporters believe he is a hero due to the fact that he abolished the monarchy, which was most despised at the time. He also won the civil war for the Roundheads, and although he was offered the crown, Cromwell refused because he had to intention to be a dictator like the King.…show more content…
But if you look at things from a much different perspective, Oliver Cromwell can also be seen as a notorious villain. When he became Lord Protector, he suppressed the rights of the Catholics and tried to force Puritanism among all. This included closing theatres, inns, restriction of sports and, strangest of all, nobody was allowed to work or play soccer on Sundays! Also while Catholics loved to indulge in food on Christmas day, Cromwell made it a day of
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