One Day National Honor Society

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With my luck I wasn 't surprised that the day National Honor Society slips were handed out, my homeroom teacher was absent. As I went from period to period, everyone gushed about how they were considered to become a part of the society. I sat there silently not saying a word. One can only imagine the stress I went throughout the day wondering if I was in or out. I ended up getting the letter the next day during homeroom. While I sat there reading it, I not only laughed about how apprehensive I acted the day before, but I realized how bad I wanted this. I started thinking to myself that I was competent. I had the requirements to become part of National Honor Society. Why was I so nervous in the first place? One thing I learned during my high…show more content…
Sophomore year came and went and AP European History wasn 't as stressful as I expected. It was a load more work but I was able to handle it. My grades were good too. Even though I complained a lot, looking back I wouldn 't have made a different decision. People insist that European History is one of the toughest AP classes a student can take. For me, taking that class as a sophomore in high school instead of college was a huge triumph. I 'm a junior now, taking AP United States History, and it is a lot easier. However, in a way I needed something like AP European History to see what I could handle. The class allowed me to think outside the box and expand my boundaries. I learned new writing styles, test taking techniques, and how to be a true AP student. European History allowed me to see what else was out there. In life you need to be able to see the big things in order to know what 's really small and that 's exactly what the class did for me. Taking the risk showed me that if I was able to take AP European History, then I was definitely able to take a class like AP U.S. History, or any other class for that matter. It boosted my confidence and showed me what I was able to do for myself. I am grateful that I was allowed to take that class and I would never trade that experience for an
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