One Ordinary Day With Peanuts Literary Devices

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How do authors manage to get people so wrapped up in a book? Shirley Jackson's story, "One Ordinary Day With Peanuts", was a wonderful example of how authors use literary devices to capture readers minds. Throughout the short story, “One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts”, Shirley Jackson executes many literary elements including surprise ending, plot and characterization which demonstrate how authors use these elements to capture the reader’s attention. First, surprise ending is an unexpected twist at the close of the story. Surprise over takes the reader when Mrs. Johnson says, “...I said that he was impertinent and quarreled with him…and I turned in a complaint. Probably got him fired.” Mr. Johnson portrayed an incredibly generous and friendly man that the readers expected him to have married just as amazing woman. Mrs. Johnsons statement shocked the readers and included an ending twist that left the reader wanting more. Mr. Johnson also shocked the readers when …show more content…

In the beginning of the story Mr. Johnson took time to sit down with a boy while his mother dealt with their packed moving vans that would be heading to Vermont. This later on affected the story because Mr. Johnson saw a young couple scanning the Apartment Vacant columns and told them, “Try down on West Seventeen. About the middle of the block, people moved out this morning." This was one of the first scenes in the story and introduced Mr. Johnson's character and created the beginning part of the plot. "Now, this should be enough for the day for both of you. I would suggest, perhaps, Coney Island—although I personally am not fond of the place—or perhaps a nice lunch somewhere, and dancing, or a matinee, or even a movie, although take care to choose a really good one; there are so many bad movies these days…” This part of the plot stands around Mr. Johnson getting Miss. Kent and Mr. Adams together which was a major part of introducing Mr.

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