Online Data Breaching Essay

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Many individuals know very few details of what they do online, and how these actions are not secure. By visiting almost any website in today's day and age, you are tracked from each website, and a digital blueprint of you is created. The more and more that you use the internet, the more companies learn to know about you, including your interests for advertisements, and even your personal data that could be sold to third party companies.

Major data breaches of popular website skyrocket to the news on what seems to be like on a daily basis, leaking thousands, if not millions of individuals person information. This data breaching can expose your bank account, credit card number, social security number, and many other confidential information that you would not share.

The increase of cloud data, which is stored not on your device, but data from a company's server, allows more and more personal photos/data/information to be taken by data breaches.

Another issue with online privacy, is that almost everything posted cannot be removed, even if you deleted, and is part of history in some database forever. …show more content…

Also other application, such as online dating, has let us meet new people, online first, and then in person. Although you may believe these apps have helped you out, many, if not all of them are tracking you every second. Uber, which uses your GPS on your phone shares your location, not just to the taxi driver, but also to a database that is accessible to corporate employees, which could be hacked into. The reveal of your current location, along with name, and credit card linked to pay for the service, is very appealing to individuals who wanted to know these specific thing. The huge amount of data stored by Uber, must be heavily secured, if this data is breached, huge amounts of personal data could be leaked to

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