Open Systems Theory Founded By Brianda Cediel

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founded by Brianda Cediel in 2011 and it is focused on empowering children, both native and immigrants so that they can be successful in their pursuit of quality education. Specifically, its mission is to provide kids in the after school program with the necessary tutoring resources so that they can succeed in school and ultimately in life (Magee, 2017). Kids in the program are accorded tutoring opportunities in both Math and English so that they can meet or exceed the state of Minnesota education standards (Magee, 2017).
Contextual lens After a brief interview with the program director at the Bel Clear location after school program, there was a realization that this organization operates based on the open systems theory. This theory has five key elements which are’ environment, inputs, feedback loops, outputs and throughputs. Furthermore, the open systems theory is rooted in the belief that organizations need the environment because of their interdependence on each other (Scott & Davis, 2007). Scott and Davis write that, “The interdependence of the organization and its environment receives primary attention in the open systems theory.” Hands across the world is continually in need of negative entropy from the environment so that it can continue to function smoothly. It seeks resources from the community or the environment in form of human …show more content…

Saint Cloud public library has been a stabilizing force on the organization because of the classroom space it accords the organization on certain days. (Magee, 2017). In the open systems theory, organizations depend on each so that they continue to survive in any given environment (Scott & Davis, 2007). The same is true for hands across the world. This organization has numerous partnerships with other organizations around the St Cloud

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