Operation Reinhard Was The Final Solution Essay

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What was the Final solution? Well to start off it was the master plan of the Nazis to annihilate the Jewish people. The final solution was implemented by a group of germans at the Wannsee convention center in Berlin. It started out as just an idea, but then became the sole plan for the Nazi regime. And like any plan, there is steps that lead to the conclusion of that plan. Furthermore, the Nazis had a lot of steps to complete before the annihilation of Jews could be accomplished. The first step didn’t take long either. It all started when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. With the invasion came many troops who created Ghettos to contain Jews until they were killed or transferred. But Poland was just the start. Next, the Germans invaded the Soviet union in 1941, where they began massive killing operations …show more content…

But that still wasn’t enough, so came operation Reinhard. Operation Reinhard may have been one of the most effective events to help the final solution killing almost 1.8 million Jews. What they did was deport an absurd amount of Jews to a killing center and just have a mass murder. Even with the few years that operation Reinhard was in action it stilled had a big impact. The final solution may didn’t get brought up much or even seemed important, but really it was the columns to the Nazis house. In other words, without the idea of the final solution the Nazis would’ve never had a motive. Maybe could’ve even prevented the war. But they did have the idea and with that idea came the deaths of many. In total, german authorities and their collaborators killed up to six million Jews. That was two-thirds the population of the Jewish population in Europe 1939. Even though the Nazis didn’t annihilate the Jewish population or even win the war, they still ended, destroyed, and changed many people 's lives. So I conclude that the final solution was one of the most thought out and persistent plans

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