Oprah Winfrey: Examples Of Moral Courage

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Oprah Winfrey - An incredible example of moral courage Oprah Winfrey once said “Excellence is the best deterrent to sexism and racism.” (brainyquote.com) This statement is a great example of moral courage. Being able to move past those who want to put you down and do it with a smile. Oprah has always shown moral courage, not just in her career, but in her whole life. She is a role model to all. I will state why she displays moral courage, how she relates to Elie Wiesel, the author of the book, Night, and a nobel peace prize winner, and finally how Oprah has impacted me. By examining why she displays moral courage, how she relates to Elie Wiesel, and how she has impacted me it is clear how Oprah is the very definition of moral courage. Though…show more content…
According to Winfrey, her mother “...whipped me so badly that i had welts on my back and the welts would bleed...she was very upset with me because I got blood on my dress.” (irishexaminer.com) At only the age of nine she was raped. Winfrey was continually sexually abused from the ages of 10-14. From this abuse she got pregnant. Winfrey’s own mother kicked her out of her house. She moved in with her father and had her baby, however, within two weeks it died. (irishexaminer.com) Throughout this pain and hardship Winfrey never gave up on her life and what could be ahead. She kept working and working to be the Oprah Winfrey we know and love today. Oprah career started in 1976 and it only got bigger from there. While becoming a strong business woman, Winfrey never lost sight on her beliefs. She has stood up to sexism and racism her whole career and never backed down. Most…show more content…
How does one limit their reasoning of how Oprah Winfrey has changed their lives. I would like to start with the fact of how she has shown me that women can be just as powerful as men. In this world today it can be hard to remember that, but Winfrey will never let you forget it. From starting her own charity to help girls get a better education in a place where they were told they couldn’t be taught and are treated like objects. She has continue to strive for a better place for every human, no matter race, gender, sexuality or past life. Isn’t that what moral courage is all about? The amount of pain and suffering she has endured is beyond imagination but she has taken her struggles and has thrown them away as if they are nothing to her. Oprah winfrey is a hero, to me and many people, for good reason. How could you possibly not love Oprah Winfrey. Seems impossible to

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