Ordovican Extinction Event Research Paper

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The Ordovican extinction event. This was an event that ouccured hundres of millions of years ago. This event is thought by sincentest to have two parts to it. The first theory is that a gamma ray burst happened close enough to earth to affect earth. A gamma ray burst is one of the most powerful events ever in the universe next to what is called the big bang. Doing a Gama Ray burst high energy beams shoot out in opposite directions destroying any thing and everything that was unlucky enough to be in its path. It is thought that one of these beams hit earth and crushed the ozone layer which released radiation into the atmospheric which caused life on earth to be destroyed. Part two of this event was our solar system coming into contact with intergalactic gasses which also wiped out a huge part of life on earth doing the same time period. This event was just as devastating as the permiian death event but in a different way.

The Permian death event was also devastating even which destroyed large percentege of the life on earth. What was thought to be the cause of …show more content…

This event is simular to the Ordovican extinction event because it took place over a very long period of time tens of millions of years .their are many therois about what happened doing this event however many believe that their was a huge loss in the planets carbon dioxide which caused a major chemical reaction. The second is that plants stole carbon from the atmosphere to create their own artificile carbon. The lack of carbon in the atmosphere is extremity dangerous because it could affect the climate of the planet. Carbon helps trap heat because of the green house gas affect. With out Carbon Dioxide their would be a globe cooling. Some scientist believe this event happened because of a asteroid hit the earth. This event does not have direct evidence but rather in derict evidence. However the trassic event has more direct eviduce on what

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