Organized Crime In Russia

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Since the mid 90-ies of XX century the activities of Russian mafia is of growing concern to law enforcement agencies around the world, becoming the subject of inter-institutional negotiations and international agreements. Often, however, this term implies not only Russian organized crime, but also criminality of immigrants from the CIS states, regardless of their nationality and citizenship. To some extent, the use of the term is permissible, because all the criminals of the CIS abroad are united not only the knowledge of the Russian language, but also the criminal traditions. However, the identification of these phenomena negatively affects Russia's international reputation, competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the
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These crimes often go beyond national borders. An understanding of organized crime is even less defined than the awareness of violent crime, mercenary or economic ones. The basis of allocation of organized crime from the total of illegal behavior is the nature and extent of organized interaction of several criminals among themselves in the implementation of its prolonged activity. Often organized crime is determined as a process of rational reorganization of the criminal world by analogy with legitimate business in lawful markets. This criminal business activity in pursuit of its objectives is involved in such illegal activities like illegal transactions in goods and services, market monopolization, use corruption and intimidation. Making the same or different crimes is a relatively common cause of organized interconnected entities (groups), each of which has its own responsibilities, the rights and…show more content…
In the first years after the revolution, many professional criminals were released, and some of them even came to serve in the police and the KGB. Thus, the age-old thieves' laws have been violated. At the same time organized gangs united former gendarmerie officers of the defeated White Army. By the mid 80-is in the highly organized society existed antisocial forces, like corrupt part of the party-state bureaucracy and mafia structures. They poured into the resultant vacuum at scrapping administrative structures, actively breaking the structure and enriched in the chaos. Resolution cooperatives and joint ventures conducted uncontrolled foreign trade with non-convertible ruble, artificially low (compared to the world) domestic prices and the presence of large shadow capital has led to speculation national

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