Patriarchy In Western Culture

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Patriarchy is the sociological structure in which man dominates women. Within this structure men have power to subordinate women (Warren, 2004). The entire relationship is not only on family, but the whole community. Slavery of women in the form of patriarchy is still fueling most activities of feminist movements. This view is a complex change to be made in human relations. The suggestion by most sociology scholars is that removing patriarchy requires crucial human intervention and innovation. Most institutions are still under the leadership of men who are already benefiting from this injustice this man have women as subordinates most agricultural societies, where we an increased need for labor (Lerner 1986). The other factor that …show more content…

Gerda Lerner (1986) mentioned that in global perspective, patriarchy has had many different origins. in all countries men always want to be superior by being dominant. Even in the current times patriarchy has strong cultural support to encourage male dominance. The western history records indicate that patriarchy has existed a many years sign patriarchy in western civilization has been recorded from ancient Neolithic Era, which can be dated back to 10,200 BCE and 4,500 and 2,000 BCE, during this period men were hunters in the various tribes and women would gather fire woods.
The same hunters, later decided to domesticate animals and started trading. Which means private ownership of animals and land. During this period women were supposed to bear children are nature theme. Men dominated and they would leave their inheritance to their offspring in case they became too old or pass away. For them leaving all to a male firstborn child was the norm. Prior ownership people used to share with this new era which mean women were supposed to be virgins before marriage which made them stay infidelity. Even during this period men are always trying to make sure that children are their own. This origin is similar to many African …show more content…

Many societies that denies women to freely work and be part of the economy are countries that are economically struggling (Schütte, 2013). Even people who defended the restrictions on women buying could not justify the male dominance by not answering why women should excluded. In the contemporary times women have more opportunity than previous however the number of women property business is still low.

The worst form of patriarchy in history was when women were sold as slaves’ o commodities. This was also portrayed in arranged marriages practices. In this era women had to agree to have sex with the visitors as deed of hospitality by tribal chief. In some society ritual rapes during certain festival insure community prosperity with praise to gods (Women's Resource Center, 2017).
In their own families, women would have to grow up knowing their destiny a very young age and this was entrenched in their customs. In the villages women’s value was only in their ability to reproduce. During this time women were expected to have many children. The main reason for many children was to overcome an issue of short life span and less important reason was that children were commodities to work the land and sustain the clan (Lerner, 1986;,

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