Orpheus And Prejudice Essay

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Orpheus and Eurydice—A Modern Romantic Comedy
In the dark, creepy and frightening alley, a man, strong but sorrowful, is slowly approaching another mysterious entrance. This is Orpheus, who is courageous enough to even enter the underworld alive. Yet, love is powerful, as everyone knows, and he is going to seek his dear lover once more, not knowing what is the meaning of “giving up”.
After entering the hall burning with fiery torches, Orpheus stands for a while in front of the Underworld god and goddess: Pluto and Proserpina. Immediately, he laughs out loud. Weird but amusing, his humorous and constantly changing expressions make the god and goddess of the Underworld laugh with true intention. After examining all kinds of ghosts and souls that are telling their sorrowful life and how they wish a wonderful afterlife in heaven, they are indeed depressed and frustrating. They decide to reward this person’s bravery and humor. …show more content…

“Oh my god, thank you so much, dear god and goddess, for giving me this precious chance to mention my dream. Actually, my wife died one day ago, and I cannot just leave her like this. If I cannot have her back, I am afraid that I will turn to be a homosexual! God and goddess, both of you definitely would not want to see me like this, wouldn’t you! So please, let my darling come alive, for the deep love my heart has given her when she was once

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