Orville Wright's Legacy

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All over the world is people that are influential. Influential people make the world a better place, they change people 's point of view, make dreams come true, and build a whole new imagination. Someone who makes all of these thing happen is Orville Wright and his brother. Orville Wright is influential because of his accomplishments in life, his legacy standing today, and of course his influences that helped him through it all.

Orville Wright is influential by his accomplishments. For example as written on (Biography.com) it explains, “The brothers successfully conducted the first free, controlled flight of a power-driven airplane on December 17, 1903.” This evidence from the text shows me that making the first power-driven airplane is …show more content…

As in the article, (“Orville Wright 's Biography”) it says, “His adventurous nature and drive to succeed combined with his brother Wilbur 's research skills to achieve what is considered by many to be the greatest, most influential accomplishment of the 20th century.” This evidence from the website showed tells me that one part of his legacy was having the greatest most influential accomplishment of the 20th century which is a big thing to live up to in a legacy. Moving on to the next evidence why Orville Wright was influential, was made by (Turner) and it said, “One hundred years ago next month, the Wright brothers flew for the first time in a machine that was heavier than air and changed our vision of the world.” Basically this is showing me that Orville Wright and his brother has a legacy of changing the vision the of the world by flying an airplane which made his legacy stand for a long time. As you can see again in (Brothers) its stating, “They were awarded the patent for the first flying machine in May 1906.” Now finally this evidence shows his legacy by getting an award for something never done, which makes his legacy worth wild. Orville Wright 's legacy made another breathtaking reason why he is …show more content…

Then also Orville Wright is influential because of his influences. And so in the article (The road to first flight) states, “A carbon copy of Orville Wright 's sketch, drawn from memory, of the Penaud helicopter that influenced the brothers.” In the meaning of this evidence was to show one influence which was that his drawing inspired him and his brother. But then also (Stimson) there said, “But Katharine intervened and talked him into accepting the invitation. She thought it was a great opportunity to expose the relatively unknown Wilbur to the aeronautical community.” This evidence talks about his brother but therefor his sister influenced him to go which made the whole entire accomplishment even a thing. For instance, according to (Chance) previously said, “Each member of the family affected the brothers differently, and the family as a whole both prodded and sustained their efforts.” Now as the last piece of evidence shows me that his whole family was an influence to Orville and his brother by supporting and affecting them as whole. Those were reasons why Orvilles influences made him influential.

In conclusion here Orville Wright was and still is an influential person. He has his accomplishments in life, his legacy standing today, and of course his influences that helped him through it all. When you walked on an airplane have you ever wondered who made the airplane, because Orville Wright and his brother were the

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