Othello: Is Iago An Evil Person?

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Is Iago a evil person? Let 's find out but to find out if he is a truly evil person have to see who Iago is. Iago has a reputation for honesty, for reliability and direct speaking. Othello and others in the play constantly refer to him as "honest Iago." . He is married to Emilia.

Lago says he 's an honest person and speak plain truths but he lies and tricks people. He has no respect for others and believes they are less than him and has no time for feeling. He is married to Emilia which and did love her at one point which show he did have feelings once. He doesn 't care for anyone but himself. Lago sets a life 's goal for revenge .He would rather cheat and lie his way to the top than to work as an honorable man to the top .

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