Who Is Pablo Escobar The Biggest Criminal

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Pablo escobar was born on December the 1, 1949 Pablo was born at Rionegro, Colombia, as a teenager on the streets of medellin he began as a criminal career by stealing gravestones and made them sanding for resale to smugglers. Pablo was notarious Colombia drug lord who at his career by supplying 80% of the cocaine into the United States. He was known as the king of cocaine, he was the biggest criminal in the history.
I think Pablo escobar was a really bad person from killing innocent people in front of their family, and he was know for crossing drugs over the border, also Escobar was involved in many criminal activities with Oscar Bernal, running street scams, selling cigarettes and fake lottery tickets, and stealing cars when he was young Pablo made $100,000 by kidnapping and ransoming that led him in the drug world. …show more content…

Pablo never wanted to finish school all he wanted was to be rich and make a lot of money easy and he might have killed a lot of people just to earn more money and by selling drugs in Colombia, Peru, and Mexico and the United States. people wanted to kill Pablo escobar for all the cocaine he brought to different cities, he earned 1000 million dollars in the 80s he both his mansion with a bull fight and he even both his own zoo. H hated the people who would snitch on him he woul go kill all the people who would snitch on him, he would always here the police coming for him wherever he was so he would escape on time before the cops would get to the place where he was and he would always know who would snitch on him and he would go after them, he would kill people in front of their families, and

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