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The development of rockets can be traced by back to the Romans times hundreds of years ago. Ever since, technology continues to advance each year and the start of aerospace exploration vehicles begins. In 1957, the United States began competing with the Soviet Union in the space race, in which began when the Soviet Union successfully launched the first artificial Earth satellite called Sputnik. Not to long after, the United States launch their first artificially satellite in 1958. The competition in the space race rises, and the United States plans on sending the first man to space. However, the aspiration of sending the first human to space strives the Russians to be the first before the United States and they succeed. The Russians sent an Air Force fighter pilot, Senior Lietenant Yuri Alexeyevuch Gagarin, on the Vostok 1 spacecraft on April 12, 1961. Vostok 1 is a spherical capsule, and it traveled around the Earth once over the course of 108 minutes, reaching a maximum height of 203 miles (Taylor, N., & Britt, R.).
Just three weeks later, United States caught up and sent the first American, Alan Shepard, on the Mercury capsule called Freedom 7 …show more content…

They manufacture and launches advance rockets and spacecraft. SpaceX is known for developing the spacecraft called Dragon, a free-flying spacecraft designed to transport both cargo and individuals to orbiting destinations. It was the first commercial spacecraft in history to deliver payload to the International Space Station and safely returned it to Earth (Dragon). However, it was first designed to carry humans but it has been carrying cargo to and from space. Since SpaceX is with an agreement with NASA, they are now developing the enhancements so that Dragon will be able to carry a

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