Parris Epilogue Analysis

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The Epilogue of Parris After being voted from office, Parris had nowhere to go, but he would never let the citizens of Salem see his apprehension. He knew God had a purpose for him and obviously Salem was not where he was meant to bring forth God’s blessing. That is why he planned to travel to Boston and share God’s blessing with people who would respect him. However, after days of walking in the sweltering heat of Massachusetts in July, his usually well groomed face was now covered in scruff and his clothes had turned a strange off white color from excessive sweating. Though his appearance was different, Parris was still the pretentious man he had been in Salem. He knew what he was about to do for God was very risky and if anyone found out his past he could end up in jail. Thus, when he was close enough to see Boston, Parris took a break to ask God to protect him from the devil who would do anything to prevent him from fulfilling God’s plan for him to preach the gospel. After praying, Paris realized he had no clean clothes and was hungry, but no representative of God lived on the streets and begged for food. His only choice was to break into a bakery and borrow some food. He knew God would understand that preachers were role models and no one would look up to him if he smelled like dirt, so he snuck into one of the houses and borrowed some …show more content…

I took you in when your parents died and gave you a place to live when you lost your job. Then you and your friends go dancing in the woods and accusing innocent people of being witches! You ruined my life in Salem.” He was hysterical. “I was voted from office! I lost my job because of your little prank. And when I finally get away from you, you show up again, but I am not going to let you ruin this for me. I am the minister of the church and there is no way I will let you take that from

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