Patrick Henry And John F Kennedy Analysis

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Maya Angelou once said, “ Freedom is never free.” Freedom is meant for everyone, not just certain people; everyone deserves to be free. Patrick Henry’s “ Speech to the Virginia Convention” and John F. Kennedy’s “ Inaugural Address” are both speeches about freedom, equality, and achievement and success. Both were written in different time periods, but they were trying to make the same points. While some differences between Patrick Henry and John F. Kennedy are reasonable, the similarities in their beliefs are significant. Patrick Henry and John F. Kennedy were similar when discussing the value of freedom. Patrick Henry was speaking to a group of representatives to persuade them to not go back to Britain's rule. Henry stated, “... give me liberty, give me death” (85). He was convincing people to fight for their freedom. In a like manner, John F. Kennedy was presenting his Inaugural Address to people of the United States. Kennedy stated, “... oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty” (p2). Kennedy was reassuring the American people that if someone tried to threaten their freedom, they will fight back. Both Patrick Henry…show more content…
Kennedy spoke differently when discussing achievement and success. Patrick was explaining how the American people should wake up and see how England is being unjust. Henry voiced, “ Those who have eyes, but not see, ears, but hear not” (83). He was attempting to wake up the people supporting England, the people are not done, nor finished fighting for this country. In contrast, John F. Kennedy communicated with the people of the of the United States to help extend a hand to people in poverty. Kennedy commented, “... for man holds in his mortal hands, the power to abolish all forms of human poverty” (p1). He was trying to help all people in America, not just a handful of people. Both speakers have goals for the country; they both just have found different ways of being
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