Patriotism In East Of Eden

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Most other countries find it odd that Americans have such patriotism . Each citizen tries to be a model of what it means to be American. The novel East of Eden by John Steinbeck shows the American spirit and what it means to be American. In this novel, the reader learns that in order to be a true American one must value education, have a desire to be virtuous, and strive to be an individual. Education is a major part of being an American. Eacher person wants to a contributor to society and that is only possible through knowledge. A person’s mind can hold endless amounts of ideas or thoughts; there is no limit. Education is taken so seriously in America because “the free exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in…show more content…
No matter how much evil is present in their lives true Americans will try to do what is right. Humans “all have in [them] a secret pond where evil and things germinate...but this culture is fenced…[and] in the dark pools of some men the evil grows strong enough to wriggle over the fence and swim free” (132-133). Every person has evil within him or herself and the opportunity to be evil. Kate could have chosen to be good, but she took the easy way out and gave in to her vileness. True Americans push this hatefulness within them aside and try to do what is right. The American spirit does not allow evil to conquer. To be good or evil is a decision each person has to make. When it comes time one is “alone to make [that] choice. On one side [there is] warmth and companionship and sweet understanding.and on the other - cold, lonely greatness” (265). Faithful Americans will persevere and pick the right and good side. There is no true American who wants to be evil. For some “underneath their top most layers of frailty [they] want to be good” (414). Those who want to be good have the ability to capture the American spirit. People 's inner selves want to be a good and wholesome person. As Americans we strive to be the best of the best. There is always a choice, whether it is seized if the area of question. This choice is also always made as an individual, though other people and their ideas may contribute, the…show more content…
Every person has a choice of what to make of his/her own life and every person is responsible for his/her own choices. Sometimes when people make a choice it forces others to “live and get off the pot” (369). Though is may be difficult to make a choice that affects others, every person must and live with the consequences. Sometimes pushing someone to make a choice is the only way he/she will do it. However it is also important that the decision a person makes is the decision he/she wants because each individual needs to be him or herself. Americans are people who are not afraid of being themselves and being different. People who can’t be themselves “very naturally [compete] for attention and for trying to imitate” (444). True Americans are themselves and only themselves. Being individuals and a unique is a large piece of America’s pride. To be an American, one must be unordinary and one of a

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