Paw Preference In Dogs

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Paw Preference in Dogs
Did you know that dogs have a paw preference similar to left or right handedness of humans? People do not think of dogs using one paw more than the other paw, in other words being left or right pawed. Many dogs do have a particular paw they prefer unlike some dogs that use both paws, and do not have a paw preference. Which paw does your dog prefer?
The dog’s skeletal system is the framework of the dog’s body (Wells 1). The bones of the skeletal system serve as levers to the body. Each bone assists in movement of the whole entire body. Together the bones help provide support and protection of the dog. All the bones contain several layers of tissue that contributes to supporting the structure of the body.
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The nervous system is responsible for transmitting messages to different parts of the body. The brain and the spinal cord are the two main parts of the nervous system. The spinal nerves start from the spinal cord and branch out through the entire body. The system contains millions of neurons that help send information to different parts of the body. The neurons form together to form neurological circuits. The information then travels down these circuits to send messages to the body. There are three main parts of a neuron: the cell body, dendrites, and axons. The dendrite and the axon are also referred to the two extensions of the neuron. The dendrite sends electric charges to the cell, but the axon sends charges away from the cell. When an axon receives an electrical current, the axon releases neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that pass the signals to other neurons in the body. Many neurons combine to form the spinal and cranial nerves. There are two main types of neurons: the sensory and the motor neurons. The sensory neurons carry information from the body, to the spinal cord and then to the brain. These neurons carry information that relates to the five senses (touch, pain, taste, etc.). The motor neuron carries responses of the sensory information from the spinal cord and brain to the body. The tracts are bundles of motor neuron axons that send the motor information into the nerves that lead to the muscles in the limbs. This is the process of the brain quickly interpreting signals and translating these signals to form messages to move the

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