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My father immigrated from Guatemala when he was 19 to support his family back home. My mother, from El Salvador while fleeing the revolutionary war. They have worked hard, exceptionally hard, for me not to pursuit my dreams of joining the Peace Corps. This is a I considered filling out an application to join the Peace Corps straight after college but glad I waited. I have gained experience, but more importantly, I have matured mentally and emotionally and I am capable of understanding what it would require of me to leave my family, home, and career for two years and I am ready. For the past ten years, I have called Fresno home and have immersed my career in its community working in low-income and under-developed communities. My passion began early when I worked for Fresno’s Economic Opportunities Commission in their Summer Lunch Program. During this time, I was able to explore and learn about the city I lived in. My passions and skills developed once I …show more content…

I woke up every morning before dawn to work a full day in agriculture and ended the day singing with kids from the hostel. The work was hard and exhausting, however at the end of our two weeks, I cried. Not for the work, but for the people whom I had worked with. We could barely speak to one another, but created a relationship out of hugs, smiles, and laughs. I learned a great deal about myself, about the strength I had and what I was capable of. Working for the Peace Corps will be demanding, strenuous and challenging on many degrees. I also know that it will be exhilarating, rewarding that I will love both the good times and the bad time. My experience in education and community work makes me capable of being a Healthy Schools Coordinator in Guatemala but my passion and drive are what will make me

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