Personal Statement: Suny Geneseo

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Philosophy is the love of wisdom. The Greek roots of the word philosophy, “Philo” and “Sophos” mean love, and wisdom, respectively. If asked “What is success?” philosophers provide different answers, but acknowledge superior education as imperative to success. As SUNY Geneseo claims, “Engaging in philosophical thinking is essential to a superior liberal arts education.” As a school of excellent repute, SUNY Geneseo offers the excellent education I require to succeed.
Allow me to be unique from other applicants. In eighth grade, my parents were discontent with my public education. My parents withdrew me from school by the end of that year and home-schooled me instead. Frankly, that was the best decision my parents had ever made for me. Soon, I developed an interest in logic and literature, and eventually, I discovered philosophy, which I am passionate about still. Through philosophy, I began to adore …show more content…

To me, a necessary condition of true success is helping others succeed. Often I jump at the opportunity to help others learn and constantly push my peers towards success. For the world to improve, everyone must become the best possible versions of themselves. In order to help the world, I first must become the best possible version of myself. I must develop more as a student, philosophy is a subject that has helped me grow so much since I became interested in it. Through the philosophy program, I know that Geneseo will facilitate my development as a student, and prepare me well for the kind of professions and moral choices that I want to make. Geneseo can be the first step to allowing myself to better the world. My hope is to go on to law school after I graduate, and then use the skills I acquire to enact justice to the best of my ability. To accomplish my goals, I need the best education possible, which is exactly what I know I can receive from

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