Peacekeeping Canada Research Paper

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While Canadians versed peace and prosperity, they did not always have a sense of security. Throughout history Canada has always been known as the peacekeeping country but in reality our history is caused by the hardships of war and suffering. Canada took great efforts to help the people through these struggles, but these struggles did help define not only Canada but Canadians them self. We often identify Canada as a peacekeeping country but we are a nation built up by war and suffering. During all of history the most suffering Canada has experienced is during the Great Depression. It was very hard for people to live and make an income during this time. Street car tickets for children were 12 for a quarter. They would use a razor blade and peel them in half so they would have 24 tickets. They used to pray …show more content…

This shows that Canadians focus more on peace than they do on war, showing Canada has more peace than it did of its struggles. Along with having peace Canada has prosperity, we have wealth and we do live in luxury here. Our technology is advanced helping us live. “Technology made many Canadians feel safer and enabled them to live in peace.” Construction of new buildings and industries helped secure Canada. With everything that happened in the wars Canada is still composed with peace and prosperity. War did not define Canada, out peacekeeping abilities did. Canada is a nation often associated with peace and prosperity but in reality we are a nation defined by war and suffering. After everything these hardships did help shape Canada and Canadians. Our war and suffering brought the nation to work together for what is right. From Wars to the depression we have been suffering. We often identify Canada as a peacekeeping country but we are a nation built up by war and

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