War And Power Changes In Canada Before The 1850's

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Did you know that 150 years ago Canada had a lot of war and was not even called Canada? Before the 1850s Canada was very unstable because there was a lot of war and border changes. Canada was not even called Canada before 1850, it had two names before: New France and British North America(BNA). There was a lot of war and power changes before responsible government was introduced into British North America.Responsible Government was suggested by Lord Durham of Britain. Responsible Government is a democracy (BNA used to be a monarchy) and the government was even more responsible for their citizens once it was introduced. . The governors were also voted in. Some dates that had wars, power changes and border changes were : 1713 (War of Spanish …show more content…

The sides created a peace treaty and agreed to give back some of the colonies which caused the French to lose Acadia .The British offered either Acadia or some Caribbean islands. The French decided on the islands because they grew sugar which was very valuable. France’s border had to change because they no longer owned Acadia. This affected Acadia’s future because they were now British .The British now had control of a piece of New France which is what Canada was called when French had control of it. The war and the treaty which lead to Britain’s control of Acadia would later on help Britain take over North America and create a stable country years …show more content…

When they arrived in Quebec the took their free land and built communities. The Loyalists called themselves heroes .They had given up their homeland and many had fought for the British in the war. They were mad because they thought they were not being treated like heroes and that they came to Quebec to live in freedom. British North America gave them French land laws and no elections and then the Loyalists demanded the British government to change the system. Eventually the British did agree to change the system of government and law in Quebec. They passed the constitutional act which: divided Canada into two parts , Lower Canada and Upper Canada. There would be a lieutenant governor for each Canada . There would also be a legislative council in Lower and Upper Canada. The act was a success and kept competing groups happy. Both Lower and Upper Canada had a period of rapid growth.The Government was changed again. The British Loyalists came to Quebec and affected Canada so much they had to split it into upper and lower

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