Pros And Cons Of The Ba Act

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The British North America Act created an enduring federation that matured into a peaceful, prosperous and well governed state, while challenging successive governments to alter its amending formula and distribution of powers to meet the needs of its inhabitants, except the British North American Act didn’t take many groups of people like the First Nation, Acadians, and Irish into consideration . The B.N.A Act created the dominion of Canada, established powers of the federal government and provincial government from the dominion of Canada. It set out rules of how the government of Canada work. Although not everyone was satisfied with the outcome of the B.N.A Act. Even though the 1867 constitution did establish a workable system of government, it did not prevent disputes over the division of powers in overlapping areas of authority such as taxation and in new areas …show more content…

The construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway presented opportunity to New Brunswick, it would open up markets and jobs. Confederation would cut the cost of the Railway for new brunswick because the costs of building the railroad would be shared by the confederated colonies. Although this benefit was not guaranteed, the intercolonial railway wasn’t promised and it didn’t tell which part of the province would reek its benefits. Another reason against confederation for New Brunswick was its strong economic ties to the United States compared to the rest of the Colonies of Canada. Confederation also meant having to sever these ties and rely more on the other colonies. An additional reason for Anti confederation for New Brunswick was the Roman Catholic clergy believed Canada would become dominated by Protestants and the Protestants would overpower the Catholic

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