John Tyler's Disrespected Presidency

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Based on John Tyler unexpected Presidency in 1841, he should be ranked with a 4.5. Though he was a slave owner and joined the Confederate State Congress during the civil war, he still had a very strong will during his Presidency that positively all Presidents after him. He would have been able to do much more if he was able to get anything past the other branches of the government.

President John Tyler did not have much of any goals when he was inaugurated because he was serving as vise president before President William Henry Harrison died, but he did have some major accomplishments. At the beginning of office he had himself immediately sworn in which set a precedent for all Vice Presidents who became President. He also vetoed bills that he thought would deter The United State from evolving.

John Tyler did not make any appointments in the beginning of his Presidency, instead he continued to use Williams Henry Harrison entire cabinet, fearing of being disrespectful to Harrison. He did eventually appoint Samuel Nelson to the U.S. supreme court. Nelson served as an Associate Justice between 1845 and 1872, and was …show more content…

John Tyler did great with his domestic and foreign affairs despite him being and forcing himself to be the first Vise President to become an President. He struggled to do many things with his obnoxious administration going against him every day. Tyler 's domestic affairs along with his greatest success was when he fought Congressional attempts at usurpation to establish the precedent that a Vice President becomes a full president with all a president’s powers on the death of the incumbent President. His greatest failure was being a slave owner and serving in the Confederate States Congress during the Civil War. Tyler 's major foreign policy achievement was the Webster-Ashburton Treaty with Great Britain. Without a proper demarcation between the United States and British North America (later Canada), conflict had broken out along the Maine-New Brunswick

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