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The goal in writing is to be able to clearly get your message onto paper and have the reader understand it in a certain way while also being unique and concise. I oftentimes found myself lost before even starting. Throughout my time in English 1010 I have noticed that my writing style has changed, I no longer walk into writing with no direction but rather have taken the techniques and strategies I was taught and used them to develop my own process and a sort of blueprint that I use to make sure that I am writing to the correct people as well as making sure that the message get across clearly. Finally, one of the most significant changes I have made to my own process is having my paper read by someone else. Peer review is an important step in …show more content…

In my first assignment” Summary and Response of the essay The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society” I learned how to effectively analyze and assimilate the key points of a text. I also learned about the concept of “economy of writing” which helped me to better express myself on paper by eliminating anything that was not necessary to the argument. The second paper I worked on was the rhetorical analysis of “Richer and poorer accounting for inequality” written by Jill Lepore. Throughout this assignment, I learned to identify the strategies logos, ethos and pathos. Learning to identify the rhetorical strategies helped me to better understand the tools available to the author that allow him to convey his message and better capture the audience. The third paper I wrote was the rhetorical analysis of the music video “Drive By” written by Train. Although this assignment was the most challenging of the three papers I was able to break the video down and identify the rhetoric by using the rhetorical triangle, this helped me to make sure that each example of rhetoric I included effectively reached the authors intended

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