Perseus And Theseus: An Epic Hero

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An epic hero is someone who is brave, a strong leader, and faces big obstacles. In the book Edith Hamilton’s Mythology by Edith Hamilton, talks about gods, demigods, monsters, adventures, and tragic deaths. Perseus and Theseus are both demigods. They both go on adventures and face obstacles. Theseus is the better epic hero because he risks his life for the greater good of society.

Theseus shows his bravery by going on a quest to save and avenge many people by killing a monster. He is going to go kill the Minotaur where he would have to go into a maze called the Labyrinth, find the Minotaur and kill him then with “the ball of thread lay where he had dropped it…. The others followed.” (Hamilton 215). Theseus went out of his way to help
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