Perseverance In The Book Thief

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Works of literature often provide readers with important insight on compelling thematic topics, such as perseverance, friendship and power. This is evident in the novel The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Taking place in the midst of world war two, the book is filled with circumstances where the characters face real world conflicts and problems. The novel starts off with Liesel Meminger being taken to a foster home in the small town of Molching, German; where along the way her little brother has died due to health complications. She begins to bond with her foster father, Hans Hubermann, over the book she has brought with her. Liesel begins to learn more about the Fuhrer or more commonly known as Adolf Hitler, and his cruel and sadistic views towards imperfect humans, the jews. …show more content…

During the novel perseverance is demonstrated by many characters, including Liesel, by showing their resilience towards the constant conflicts that torment them and impact their ability to accomplish or complete many tasks they would otherwise be able to do. The many formidable bonds between the characters exhibit how friendship can impact every decision and action you make, including when Liesel resists from disclosing the secret of the Jewish runaway within her home because of the relationships it would considerably affect. The contrasts of power are validated during the book by showing how it can be used in many different ways: these systems of power include manipulation, comfort and knowledge. As evident throughout the pages of this novel, The Book Thief shares compelling perception on the real world themes of perseverance, friendship and

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