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The Book Thief- Markus Zusak Assignment: 2 Dialectical Journals, one for each of the following sections: Pages 1-266 (through chapter “The Gamblers”), Pages 267-the end! Dialectical Journal for The Book Thief From the Book Write down the 2 or 3 most important things that happen in this part of your book. An important part of the book was in the first chapter where liesel's brother dies. It start the book of by giving the point of view that the story is writing in and it also introduces one of the main characters. When max arrives at the Hubermanns and they have to keep him safe from the nazi party. What prediction can you make about what will happen in the next part of the book? I think in the next part of the book they will …show more content…

Your picture here Your Own Ideas and Responses Why are these things you listed important? Hans being sent to war was important because it meant he couldn't work or make money for liesel and rosa. When they were bombed it was the beginning of the end of the story, Hans had died rudy had died rosa had died all of the characters were dead except for liesel. It meant that max would be sent to a concentration camp and would surely be killed. Why did you select each line? This line says that a broken could mean a bad thing to some people but to the Huberman's it meant that Hans would come home. This line is just a beautiful line that shows that even death itself has feelings for humans. What possible answers do you have for these questions? How can you find out the answer? Maybe someone made a mistake and didn't sound the alarm, or maybe they just didnt see the planes in time. The town may have had some importance to someone or there would be no reason to bomb it. Why is this scene the most memorable for you? Because it was the author's way to end the book. There was nobody left accept

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