The Glass Castle Ending Analysis

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My question: Think about the ending of the story. Describe it. How did it reflect on the rest of the novel? Was it satisfying?

Bullet points:
Was the ending satisfying or not? The ending was bittersweet. Each chapter ending has given a positive ending though there were pretty rough incidents happening.
Everyone is happy and successful
They are all having a get together.
Two poignant notes: 3. Quotes and pages numbers The Glass Castle is a great memoir where Jeannette Walls, the narrator recollects her version of life, the meandering path of chaotic childhood with her eccentric family. Her view of her parents and the incidents that occurred though harsh and unsettling but there was always something to learn from it and …show more content…

Maureen for example, if she tried hard as her siblings did could have been successful like them. The author in chapter 26, 27 and 28 discusses about a social issue about alcoholism. In pages 112-113 where her mother says” your father needs to see the mess he’s making of our lives” though a very troubling issue but it takes the readers to understand the disgrace or stigma attached to addiction and how to fight that. Here again we see a positive ending. “Sometimes you need a little crisis to get your adrenaline flowing and help you realize your potential.”(254) How powerful these words spoken by Rose Mary when Lori kicks her mother out of her apartment. A sense of pride is shown here which one should never lose. In Chapter 21 where Billy poses problem and seeing Jeanette’s reaction Rose Mary says “no child is born a delinquent. They only become that way if nobody loved them…”(83) Though very painful to see Jeanette's family skedaddled once again but it shows us that Jeanette and her siblings had to be supportive of each other to reach, watching each others back and thus developing a supportive network leading to where they have reached today.

In chapter 62 we see that Rex makes a full recovery from TB and Lori becomes a illustrator of a comic book, Brian a detective, Maureen in high school and Jeanette in college but still they met during Christmas which shows they had developed a strong root, love and compassion for each other. The whole book gives us a glimpse of turmoil and tragedy but one should look beyond and move on. Very well said by Rose Mary “ Life is a drama full of tragedy and comedy, you should learn to enjoy the comic episodes a little more.”

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