Harry Potter Theme Of Liberty And Equality

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1. Theme of personal liberty LIBERTY- Liberty is the creation and sustenance of an atmosphere in which people have the prospects of being their best. In very simple terms, liberty is the freedom to do as one likes. In John Locke’s words: “In political society, liberty consists of being under no other lawmaking power except that established by consent in the commonwealth. People are free from the dominion of any will or legal restraint apart from that enacted by their own constituted lawmaking power according to the trust put in it.” The movie Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix depicts many instances which show how the personal liberties of students get curtailed due to the unnecessary interference of the ministry of magic. In the …show more content…

It is a form of segregation, and still prevalent. There are measures taken to stop them by few people, but none of them concrete and very effective. CONCLUSION Liberty and Equality were the two major themes that I discovered in the movie Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix. The movie has aptly portrayed how violation of liberty can lead to rebellion. Umbridge and the ministry, in the name of reforms, stall progress and introduce measures which the students find violating their right of personal liberty, and they form a group to rebel. Fred and George Weasley show open defiance and leave the school before they can complete their education simply because they are unable to put up with the regressive reforms. The portrayal of equality has been depicted in layers. Although not speaking about equality in a straightforward manner, there is a subtle reference to this theme in many ways. The use of the derogatory term by Umbridge for the centaurs, the treatment of Kreacher by Sirius, the name calling of Hermione by Draco Malfoy have been examples where the movie touches the subject of equality, and forces us to think about our practices in the real life, where we might be doing similar things which hinder

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