Personal Narrative: A Hero's Journey

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The Nine Lives A hero’s journey is an adventure a person takes to improve himself or herself and his or her inner being. Many times the journey comes unexpectedly but other times it is a step one should take as they begin to grow up. There are three stages that take place in this journey; the separation, initiation and transformation, and the return. The heroine of this journey is a 35-year old woman from New York City. Her journey begins in her townhouse that is on the upper east side of the city that never sleeps. Blaze’s journey begins with something she is passionate about, and although she knows the challenges awaiting her will intimidate her, she is ready to take this challenging and life-changing journey.
Stage 1: Separation In stage one, known as the separation, the hero is separated from his or her everyday life. Usually what separates the hero from everyday circumstances and takes them on a journey that will change their outlook on life, begins with the call. The call is what draws the hero to their journey. In this step, the hero is then aware of the unknown and has to cross over the threshold. The threshold is the barrier between the hero, and what he or she is wanting to accomplish. …show more content…

She continued to work at the veterinary clinic 5 days a week. The amount of time she spent saving animals was equivalent to about a year. That was a year of not bringing in any income and depending on her support group to help. All her friends and family supported her decision of not working to benefit animals but, once they realized she was done, they were all happy because she could live the lifestyle she wanted. Supporting not only animals but, living things was her passion and she continued to be passionate after all she had been through. Animal’s love made her feel like she had never felt before, which was care and support, that is what carried her through her

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