Personal Narrative: A Place At Marissa's Home

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Are you new to Saint Marys, PA? Are you looking for a place to go to meet new people and make friends? If so, I have the place for you. Marissa Heary’s house Friday nights at 9 p.m. is the place to meet new people and make friends because of the good environment, people, and location. The environment at Marissa’s house is perfect. The house is warm, cozy, and makes you feel comfortable. She has many couches so you’re never left out sitting on the carpeted floor. If you don’t want to sit and you’re looking for more activity, join the rest out in the swimming pool for some water basketball. Her house is filled with enormous flat screen TVs. You can be inside one of the many couches watching a movie or you can be outside in the pool and be watching the world series. One last thing Marissa’s …show more content…

Our current friend group consists of 20 people, some younger than 19 and some older including both sexes. We are a very welcoming group and always inviting new people to hang out with us. When one of us has a new boyfriend/girlfriend we always include them and make them feel welcome. When I brought my college friend home with me to meet my friends she was surrounded with new friends that she loves. Our group is family we will do anything for each other no matter how ridiculous it may seem, but we are always together. We make each other laugh and feel loved. With all of our different personalities we are a great group of people for you to come and make new friends. Lastly, Marissa’s house is great to go to because of the location. She lives on 525 Rock Street in Saint Marys, PA. Rock Street is located right off of the highway on your way into town. So, her house in considered in town and its very easy to find. Across the street from her house if our famous Legion baseball field, Berwind Park. Everyone knows Berwind Park, so that makes it even easier to find Marissa’s fun-filled

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