Personal Narrative: An Interview With Mrs. Tanya Tijerina

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By attending Eagle Pass High School, I have the honor to interview my mentor and teacher Mrs. Tanya Tijerina who specialized in teaching Physics Regular/ Pre-AP to 10th, 11th and 12th graders. During the interview I found background information about Mrs. Tijerina, she studied in UTSA and got her BS in Biology, currently, she is doing her Masters in School Council in Sul Ross State University. Since I meet her, I’ve always has the feeling of acceptance in the way she treat her students creating a sense of learning and respect between all the students. Mrs. Tijerina is a teacher that had been teaching for more than 6 years, during the interview that I conducted, I asked Mrs. Tijerina about the positions/job that she held before becoming an educator and how did the position lead to the road as an educator. She answer that before becoming a teacher she held three different jobs and each lead to the road of education, the position that she held were babysitting, clerk at UTSA (advise center) and Re-hab optical Riojas, “They …show more content…

Mrs. Tijerina even uses her personal time to create activities that she will use on her class ( 88 hours payed,10-15 of her free time). To perform her work Mrs. Tijerina uses teaching strategies such as group work, guided practice, on-hands activities (labs), individual practice, class discussion among others, but also equally important is the way she manage her class room, in order to promote more easily education and maintain control the students, she uses techniques such as restroom passes, assigned sits, parents and students conferences. Ultimately, all hard work pay off, even if Mrs. Tijerina have some challenges as a teacher, all are worth with the “Aaah” moment, which she describe as the moment in which a student understand something that they didn’t

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