Kim Howell: A Real Life Hero

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“What educator served as a champion for you as a student and why?”
My 4th grade teacher, Kim Howell, is why I’m the person that I am today. She’s a real life hero and by all meanings of the word a champion too not only me, but all students that she comes into contact with. She only sees the potential in her students. She never told me how far behind I was, but instead reassured me about how far I had come By the time I entered 4th grade I was significantly behind in reading and writing. Up until this point I was growing into a student that hated school because I struggled. Mrs. Howell was my life savor, at a time when a desperately needed saving. She rescued me by challenging me. Challenging me to be the very best version of myself that I could possible be. She worked with me all year long, before school, after school, and even during the summer between 4th and 5th grade. She gave me the most important gift of all, her time, she made sure that I as learning and growing in her classroom. She spent countless hours working with me to make sure I was successful. She created the turning point in my academic career. I no longer dreaded going to school, I didn’t fear failure because thanks to her I knew I capable of anything I set my heart to. I remember going home the last few days of 4th grade and crying because I wasn’t ready for …show more content…

She is loyal to the core and the most authentic definition of a champion the world has ever met. Her faith in me, and my potential is the sole reason that I’m pursuing a degree in elementary education. My hope is to reach students that are loosing confidence in school and themselves and assure them that they can do anything that they are willing to work for. It may not be easy but it’s possible. Mrs. Howell unquestionably instilled in me a love for learning and it is my mission to infuse that love into the hearts of children in my classroom for years to

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