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In a society where technology is the prevelant focus, it is important to keep with the demands of an ever-changing world. With new advances being developed everyday, it is essential to adapt to the future outlook. The problems that are critical today, will not be issues in the future thanks to intelligent engineers. I wish to be a part of those engineers who have the grit to tackle the world's greatest Issues. With an interest in Mechanical Engineering, I could work on many applications. Whether it is working on a cleaner power grid for homes in America, cleaner and more efficient means of transportation, or developing the next technological breakthrough, I know that I am destined to be apart of something wonderful. I dream big because I know …show more content…

She always influenced me to be the best version of myself that I could be. Whether it was practicing my ABC's or counting numbers during car trips, it was her that ultimately encouraged my early intellectual excellence. By the time I was two years old, I could tie my shoes, recite the ABC's, and write my name. However it was mathematics that truly struck an interest in me. When I was in second grade, my teacher noticed that I was advanced. She decided to discuss the possibilities of moving me ahead a year with my parents. My mother decided it was in my best interest to keep me in second grade, so they decided to move me up a grade in Math. This is where my journey began. I was ahead one year in Math until fifth grade where I was again moved forward and learned Pre Algebra. I took Geometry and Alebra II in middle school, and Precalculus as a freshman. As a sophomore, I dove head first into the wonderful world of Calculus and took AP Calculus BC. As a junior I took Calculus III and I am currently taking Applied Differential Equations at Drake University. The years of advanced math classes changed the way I thought and learned. It opened up my brain to try new things and apply my intelligence outside the

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