Personal Narrative: Life Before FCCLA

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My life before FCCLA, I would ditch class or not even come to school at all. I didn’t care about my grades, and I wasn’t thinking about my future. I got into a lot of trouble because of the choices that I decided to make. I also got involved with the wrong group of people. During that time, I was cyberbullied and bullied by people that made me believe that they were my friends. I also hurt a lot of people, because I was hurting myself, so I took out my anger on others. I was never really involved in my community & school, until my sophomore year, I decided to make a drastic change in my life. I remember it being Club Rush & I was scanning to see all the different clubs & organizations on campus, and one in particular caught my eye, their…show more content…
I remember it was the 2nd month into the school year, the middle of September 2015, the officers asked if anyone wanted to compete at FCCLA’s state competition & I took a form, and I contemplated about if for about a day, and decided hey why not, little did I know of all of the things that had to be done before February 22. FCCLA’s state competition was on February 22 – February 24 2016, at the Hawaii Convention Center. For 5 months I worked on my STAR Events project. STAR Events stands for, Students Taking Action with Recognition. For this year’s FCCLA State competition, I competed in Advocacy, which is when you raise awareness for a certain topic. The title of my project was “Efforts to Protect Drinking Water and Sanitation Around the World.” Through my efforts and hard work, I placed second in the State of Hawaii, out of 15 other schools in our State. That’s when I qualified to compete at FCCLA’s National Leadership Conference, which was going to be in San Diego,…show more content…
My life now because of FCCLA is better than my life before FCCLA. FCCLA has shaped me into a better well rounded individual. I am better leader, FCCLA has given me the tools, power, and knowledge to be the best leader I can be inside and outside of the classroom, and also when no one’s watching. I am better daughter because of FCCLA, before I used to drink, smoke, party, but because of FCCLA, I’ve learned that the decisions I make now will affect my future may it be today, a week from today, or 4 years from today. I also used to disrespect my family, but now I respect my parents, and their wishes. I personally have become a better person because of FCCLA. I take my education seriously, because before I used to blow off my education. Through FCCLA I’ve gotten so much different opportunities, that I’d be lost if I wasn’t apart of FCCLA. Also FCCLA has brought me lifelong friendships, I’ve met other people from other states, and I still do keep in touch with them, it’s also an encouragement or something to look forward to if I do qualify for Nationals. Without my advisor, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. Mrs. Maeda, is like a mom to me, she cares for me as if I was one of her own kids. She pushes me to be greatest student I can be. She’s the only teacher that didn’t give up on me when things got a little rough. She believed in me, when others doubted me,
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