Personal Narrative: The Moving Diaries

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The Moving Diaries_Part One Day One This was the day I found out I was getting transferred from San Diego California to Houlton Main. Man, I was not looking forward to telling my wife that we are going to move almost three thousand miles away from where she grew up. As I sat there at my desk. My heart began to pound and I felt the palm of my hands begin to sweat. My wife Marlene grew up in Oakland and I came from, back East in Chicago. I like it here in California. Specifically, San Diego. The temperature is moderate year around except for the occasional rain storm or Earthquake which do not get that bad. I looked at the clock on my desk, it was almost time to go home and face the music. My job is the one thing that got Marlene and I together.…show more content…
Anyway, After I left the parking lot and was headed home, I began to think of the preparations that we will need to do. Like calling a long distance mover to come and pack our stuff, or even get some of those portable storage thingies so we can pack our stuff ourselves. My mind began to race, I only lived three miles from work, but today it felt like one hundred miles. I did not want to move, and I am sure that Marlene will feel the same way. My mind went…show more content…
Next, we calculated the costs of the portable storage units against using a professional mover, the portable storage units won. For the cost of storage and delivery it was less expensive, and we could pack our stuff without running the risk of someone else damaging it. We had a month to plan it all and to arrange for the portable storage unit delivery to our present home. During that time, we packed and marked everything according to where things belonged. I made a spreadsheet to list everything, nerd that I am, and as the days passed, we began to pack the portable storage units, it took three in all. We were leaving a three bedroom house with two and a half bathroom and a two car garage

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