Personal Narrative: Dancing Through The Pages

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Dancing Through the Pages Reading has never been a hobby of mine. Yeah, I would read the required books for school or may pick up a random book occasionally, but I have never been a bookworm. Some books I read in class were, personally, not stimulating. There was one, however, that stood out to me and grabbed my attention from the very first page, not knowing that this book, later on, would leave an impact on my fascination of a previous decade and dance career. Back in ninth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Cooper, let us read The Great Gatsby. Reading the book in the decent size classroom, she would allow us to sit or lay on the floor. Mrs. Cooper had such a soft voice that only people with good hearing would be able to comprehend. She would always say that being comfortable is a plus when reading a book. So of course, I would go to my favorite spot, which was laying on my stomach with my balled-up jacket by the wall. This is where the mind began to soar as I read this book. …show more content…

People were having an all-around good time, partying into the night. Both men and women were dressed neatly all the time, where women would wear beautiful dresses that came just below the knee with long pearl necklaces, and men would have their nice suit and tie with suspenders. The music was a mix of jazz and Broadway with saxophones. The melodies, I could listen to them all day. Reading this book made me imagine that I was in the book, attending the parties and fully embracing the twenties lifestyle. I kept reading and reading until I was too far ahead of my class, but that gave me a reason to jump back into my fantasy world and read it again. After reading the book, I was constantly thinking about, and just a few months later, the thoughts drifted away into the sea of

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