Personal Narrative: Coming Back After High School

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Coming back from summer vacation is difficult, but coming back and having to start in a totally new environment makes it even harder. I remember coming back and being confuzed. Not just academically, but also socially. I would wonder how I would fit in with my new peers, and if I would start falling behind in my classes. Lucky for you, I have some advice for you, so you can do your absolute best in Jr. High, whether it’s academically, socially, or anything about personal responsibility, I’ve got you covered. At ECS, academics is the main focus of your teachers, which goes hand in hand with preparing you for high school, and even college. On of the main things that will always help you is organization and time management. Alway make sure you have plenty of time for homework, and staying organized is always helpful. One thing that I find helpful is to always have one specific area for your homework so you never forget it. Also remember to always study. I cannot emphasize how important studying is, and how much it can improve your grade. One last tip, you get out what you put in. Meaning if you quickly finish your homework and barely study, your grades will show that. If you are striving for any type of honor role, you need to actually put your heart in your work. This being said, it is your personal responsibility to keep your grades up. Your …show more content…

You don’t need to spend you whole weekend studying, if you have extra time, go hang out with your friends, or join one of the clubs ECS has to offer. I’ve been on ASB once, and hope to be on it again this year, but if you are considering joining, do it! It’s fun and you get to input your ideas to help the school. Also, please don’t take out of context what I’m saying. I am not saying to skip studying just to hang out with your friends, but if you have extra time, make sure to relax, and unwind. School can be stressful, so make sure you relax when your have the

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