Personal Narrative: Coul Joining The National Honor Society

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When asked “What does it mean to be described as “a person of character” it brought two things to my mind, what is a character and as to what kind of character am I. The choices we made throughout our life help mold the proverbial clay that is our character; from where we decided to sit at the lunch table when we were in pre-school to whether or not we picked up some trash that laid on the ground and threw it away, these choices big or small created our character. Breaking down the question a person of character, in essence, is who we really are as people. The things that we say, do, and experience are the things that separate and make each and every single one of us are own unique individual, but what is my character? I reflect back trying to think of everything I have done, and it's hard to come up with my character. When I was little I always tried to keep to myself; I never really wanted to be more than be an average student. I would go to school and would go home every day and never tried to do more. I never was a leader at that age; I was known to be kind and caring but I rarely took charged of a situation and always stayed in the background. It wasn’t until around 8th grade that things started to change, I began to realize that I …show more content…

Being a part of NHS will have a profound effect when it comes both to my academic and social life; it will help me give me motivation in keeping my grades high but also come away with growing both my leadership and character skills in order to help others best I can. Being a member of the National Honor Society means more than just getting to wearing an extra tassel on my day of graduation, it means I come away with knowledge and experience as to know I bettered myself and the community of Ionia around

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