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The light filtered through the dull grey blinds highlighting the musical instruments strewn over the floor with some propped against the stone grey wall. A streak of light flashed through the middle of the room, revealing a slim silhouette moving actively. The silhouette knelt down and a sliver of light streaked across her face revealing her dazzling brown eyes. She brushed back her bangs and extended her hand to press the play button on the silver CD player. As music started streaming out of the player, she stood up and let her body synchronise with the music. With the limited light in the room, only the dawning of a wide grin could be seen on her face. Although her facial expressions clearly define her excitement for the music, one person did not enjoy the music echoing through the walls. …show more content…

However, his concentration snapped when he perked up to the familiar music drifting towards him from the other room. He let out a groan internally as he thought to himself ‘Not again. I can’t study with this blasted music’. The mahogany chair screeched behind him as he rose to his feet. He took long strides towards the door and a small breeze brushed past him as he slid it open to unveil the long white hallway. Walking down to the next room, he stood in front of the door and rapped on it. Rattling could be heard above the music from within and moments later, the door slid open and a familiar bright face appeared in the doorway. He cautiously made his way inside in order to avoid tripping on the musical instruments. He went over to the CD and stopped the music before swivelling around to face the

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